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Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Advisory Circular (AC) numbers 145--10 provide information material for repair station certificate holders or applicants on how to develop and evaluate a Repair Station Manual (RSM), Quality Control Manual (QCM), and Training Program Manual (TPM). EASA does not require a copy of either the repair station’s manual or EASA supplement. rev e release date: sheet 4 of 15 qaf-211 template rev. The repair station specified on these operations specifications and located within the United States performs maintenance and/or an alteration of aircraft and/or aeronautical products to be installed on aircraft under the terms and conditions of the U. We build Custom FAA Part 145 Repair Station Manuals to fit your organization from simple to complex, for small to large size companies. 1 It is the responsibility of each Air Carrier to provide current and accurate.

145-32, 83 FR 9176, Mar. Serviceable parts to be accompanied by documents from a DOT/ FAA/ JAA Certified repair station. As far as FSDO is concerned, as long as our existing approved repair station manuals are adhered to they don&39;t really care what other kind of manual we create. 0 Responsibility: 3. Revision: 21 Revision Date: Original Issue Date:. There are a many pictures, that have been posted on Wednesday 18th, March 12:17:54: PM, which you can ideas as a consideration in the content Gallery of Faa Repair Station Manual Template.

/EC Safety Agreement, Annex 2, Maintenance, between the FAA and the EC. Your FSDO will use will use EP DCTs to evaluate the performance of the repair station and its’ use of their own manuals/procedures. It is meant to support the main policies and procedures required to establish compliance with 14 CFR part 145 set forth in the model manual; however, most of the documents can be used in conjunction with any repair station manual. FAA Air Agency Certificate Repair Station Operations Specifications Anti-Drug Plan Approval, Page A449 of Ops Specs replaces Plan Identification B-CE-00006-S.

The training program may be documented in the Repair Station Manual faa repair station training manual template (RSM) or it may be in a separate manual. Retain a copy of EASA Form and supporting information in the repair station’s office file. This is a collection of forms and completed samples used in conjunction with the workbook and the Training Program Manual to document the specifics of pair Station Training Program w/ Change 1 Date Issued J Responsible Office AFS-300 Description. The repair station’s manual(s) must remain current and be accessible to repair station personnel, as required by part 145 subpart D.

209 with portions required by section 145. Each manual (Repair Station Manual, Quality Control Manual and Training Manual), will have a control number and an assignment entry on the manual cover page. ) FAA AMT Awards. 145Training software provides faa repair station training manual template you the tools to effectively manage your training programs, completion and scheduling from a centralized location. If the training program becomes part of the RSM, these procedures should distinguish between handling revisions to the approved training manual section from handling those revisions associated with the non-approved repair station manual. 2) If the repair station contracts to non-FAA certificated facilities, the repair station must include provisions that allow the FAA to inspect and observe the work performed on those articles at the noncertificated facilities.

In addition, shop personnel will keep. This advisory circular (AC) provides informational material for all repair station certificate holders and/or applicants under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 145 to develop and evaluate a Repair Station Manual (RSM) and Quality Control Manual (QCM). The manual(s) may contain more procedures than required by the regulations for the certificate holder to describe the repair station’s overall functions, responsibilities, and quality control procedures. Repair Station Manual Introduction The Repair Station Manual Introduction should be required for all employees who work in the repair station environment. Many repair station feel that the FAA audit is an unknown, "gotcha" procedure that is feared. To aid repair stations in developing a document that fully complies with.

New Part 145 manuals, Repair Station Quality Control Manuals (aka RSQCM) and Repair Station Training Program manuals (aka RSTP) are initially evaluated with the use of the ED DCTs. 2 The information contained in this manual explains the systems used by the Repair Station to comply with the required training. The model forms manual provides forms, letters, lists and other documents along with instructions for their use. ARSA’s Model Repair Station and Quality Manual ("model manual") was completely revised to help companies develop a repair station and quality control manual that complies with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 145 and the associated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance material. 211 into one section or chapter of the manual system. Using AC 145-5 and FAA Order 8900. . Regulations (14 CFR) part 145 and the associated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance material.

Using the FAA Element Design Data Collection Tools (ED DCT) Blue Tuna will design and publish a Repair Station Quality Control Manual (RSQCM) to fit your organization’s needs. The applicant/certificate holder may combine portions required by section 145. Repair Station Manual Rev 4 Dec/08 10 Section 2 Manual Revision and Control: 2. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standards and. Documentation FAA Part 145 Repair Station manuals and Quality Control manuals, Repair Station Training Program manuals, AS9100, AS9110 manuals, FIS/PMA manuals, Contract proposals faa repair station training manual template and customized documentation for individual companies are just a few of Blue Tuna Offerings.

The repair station’s manual(s) must remain current and be accessible to repair station personnel, as required by part 145 subpart D. (a) An application for a repair station certificate and rating must be made in a format acceptable to the FAA and must include the following: (1) A repair station manual acceptable to the FAA as required by § 145. FAA, 66 FR 41117, Aug. (k) A description of the system used to identify and control sections of the repair station manual. Repair Station Quality Manual (RSQM) Training Program Manual Forms Manual and Related Documents (Repair Station and Maintenance Forms, Letters and Instructions for Completion of Certain FAA Forms) Canadian Supplement & Cross Reference Table European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplement. All related Inspection Personnel, General Manager/Accountable Manager, and the FAA shall maintain a current Revision of the Repair Station manual. 211 (c)(1)(vi) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standards and Requirements: 8: : C: Part 145 Repair Station Accountable Manager & QE appointments.

• Model Training Program Manual. Faa Repair Station Manual Template is another of the interior ideas, that you can use for your template. Provides information on developing the repair station employee training program required under 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 145, section 145, 163, categories of training, training program components, and sample training programs. Alpha-Tech Aviation Services faa repair station training manual template began operations in Chicago ORD and MDW airport in 1991 under the name Conkorde Aircraft Services, Inc. • Individual Forms and Samples. The repair station may have several manuals or documents that are part of its quality control, repair station, and training manual system. training program manual for faa approved repair station no. leach international corporation r.

1 explains the policies and procedures. This included referencing the latest specifications of procedures presently being used on the floor. How to Write a User&39;s Manual for Peachtree - Seeking help: Document Control Systems, Procedures, Forms and Templates: 4: : K: ISO 2 requirement to write a Food Safety Manual: Food Safety - ISO 2, HACCP () 2: : E: How to write a Validation Risk Management Plan for Equipment: ISOMedical Device. The individual in charge of the contract maintenance program may be required to accompany the FAA during these. used by this Repair Station to meet the training requirements of Part 145. Are the latest revisions inserted in all the manuals, including the ones sent to the FAA? The purpose of the training program is for the repair station: • To comply with the regulatory requirements of § 145.

Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DCtell-FAA. So, if you are interested by the ideas of the. 6,, as amended by Docket FAA, Amdt. 145Training is a specialized web based Management Training Program specifically for FAA part 145 repair stations.

The capability of each employee depends on training, knowledge, and experience. (Viewing length 15 minutes, 20 question quiz, 24 page student guide, total estimated training time 1 hour. New/ New Surplus parts to be traceable to the OEM, Prime Manufacture, FAA FAR Part 121 or 135 Aircarrier, FAR-Part 145 Certified Repair Station, PMA, TSO or another FAA Approved Sources as provided in the FAR’s. Although directed at domestic repair stations, very few adjustments would be needed to show compliance with the foreign repair station requirements. .

This template is offered to provide a structured base for writing a manual that describes your training program. The FAA repair station quality manual and training manuals are compliant with, AC 145-9 and AC 145-10. 1, this course will allow the repair station to perform an internal audit prior to its annual FAA audit to assure that it is operating as stated in its various manuals.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standards and Requirements: 8: : D: FAA Drug Testing Requirements - FAR Part 145. Does the inspection procedures manual accurately reflect how the repair station operates? A copy of the repair station’s EASA supplement together with its 14 CFR part 145 repair station manual will be maintained at the FSDO. 207; (2) A quality control manual acceptable to the FAA as required by § 145. 0 The purpose of this document is to describe procedures for controlling a repair station manual as required by FAR 145. 163; • To provide the training necessary for employees to perform their job functions efficiently, safely, and correctly; and • To familiarize employees with the repair stations manual, quality systems, and procedures.

a) The repair station must document, in a format acceptable to the FAA, the individual employee training records set forth in the manual approved by the FAA under 14 CFR § 145. Click on demo link below to evaluate the contents of the FAA repair station quality manual kit, which you can use in your business operation according to license terms and conditions.

Faa repair station training manual template

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